Monday, 10 October 2011

The Green ICT Workshop at the University of Sydney

I’d advertised that I was hosting a green ICT workshop at the university of Sydney on Oct 4th. I  hadn’t realised that I was hosting an event in the middle of the Australian midterm break. Turnout was low but the calibre of the attendees was top notch.  Joel Turner, the University if Sydney’s environmental managers attended as did Tom Worthington and Helen Hassan. Helen is an academic on the subject, is on several related committees so her arriving at the event early gave us the opportunity to discuss the difficulties in greening an already established ICT System. One of the advantages of presenting to a low number of people was that its allowed delegates to ask questions over the course of the presentation which I felt added value by turning it into a better paced presentation.  While I considered cancelling the workshop due to low numbers, I’m glad that I decided to go ahead with it. After the workshop I had coffee with Tom Worthington and we discussed ICT systems and careers in IT etc. A thoroughly enjoyable (and productive) day !!
The following day I had a meeting with two consultants from Macanta Consulting; Breed Lewis and Karen Ferris. We discussed the services that Macanta consultancy had to offer not only SUSTE-TECH participants but indeed any UK U&C that might need to assistance in servicing and managing their ICT systems. I will be keeping in touch with both Breed and Karen we will work on how to best spread the holistic approach to green ICT. Karen is the author of the paper “from emerald green to murky brown”. This is a must read for all ICT (especially data centre managers). For more information

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