Monday, 27 February 2012

Manage CO2

I participated in a webinar some time ago, but for various reasons have only now gotten round to blogging about it.

The webinar was an introduction to Manage CO2, a cleverly designed and easy to use energy monitoring and measuring system.

The ManageCO2 software is an internet based, web application, carbon management platform. Information can be input into the software in many ways, either manually using the easy to use software, through excel uploads, through connections to other systems, or by connecting with sensors that are placed at various locations across FHE campuses, SME’s (or indeed any kind of large or small organisation) and the relevant data is accessed over the Internet.

The ease of use of the accompanying software is unrivalled. ManageCO2 has taken all the complexity away from the end user by making decisions based on emissions factors and choosing methodologies for calculating the ecological footprint based on the configuration data. Questions posed to assist the user in the process of inputting preliminary data is written in a straight forward language. The software also contains a reporting suite and an Interactive executive dashboard so those in charge of energy can monitor any increases and decreases.

The software can be used internationally and will consistently, reliably and accurately collect the required data and report any organisation's accompanying carbon footprint.

The software ensures compliance with the ISO 14064, ISO 14001 standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It also produces reports consistent with the UK’s Defra's Carbon Reduction Commitment, Climate Change Agreement and the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme.

In addition to all of this, the data collection process can be integrated with existing systems, such as T&E, ERP or BMS systems. Alternatively, by deploying the ManageCO2 wireless energy monitoring devices, the organisation's carbon footprint can be monitored in real-time, which provides an extra level of management capability and analysis. This feature in itself can prevent minor incidents of energy wastage from snowballing into expensive mistakes.

The combination of integration of monitoring equipment with accompanying software, automation and reliability of data collection, ease of use and simplicity in understanding energy readings makes ManageCO2 a world class carbon management solution.

Adrian Flemming co-founded ManageCO2 in 2009 following years of struggling with spread sheets and cumbersome software solutions in an attempt to manage organisations carbon footprints. He founded the software company with a view to removing all unnecessary complexities from the process while providing an easy to use, reasonably priced carbon management solution.

Check out ManageCO2 at the following link