Saturday, 15 January 2011

The NBT..

Following on from yesterday's blog regarding what the NBT might be, perhaps it was on display  at the
2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last week.

Check out the pics on

Friday, 14 January 2011

Whats the NBT in ICT

What’s the next big thing (NBT) in ICT ?

At a recent LUEG Green ICT event there was discussion at the lunch table about what the “next big thing” might be in ICT. As we reminisced about our earliest communication technology experience we laughed about how amazing we thought e mailing was when it first became mainstream.

I still remember back in 1987 using a “wireless  portable phone” for the first time that allowed me to call anyone from anywhere. Eventhough it was the size of a brick, I thought “imagine if all your friends and family had one, you could just call them anytime from anywhere, never having to rely on just bumping into them.

Now that in 2011, we can access e mail from our phones and are contactable 24/7 by devices that are so small they can fit in your to pocket, what is the next big thing  in ICT, how long do we have to wait for is launch and more importantly how will it impact our lives ?