Monday, 19 September 2011

Upcoming Australian Green ICT Workshops.

Just a quick plug; I will be hosting a Green ICT workshop on September 28th in Adelaide, Australia as part of the 2011 Acts conference.
I will be  presenting on the progress of the JISC funded SUSTE-TECH project since its commencement in Jan 2010.  I will include a summary of the results of the 15 SUSTE-TECH participant’s action plans and which of the Green ICT technologies have proved most popular. I will also focus on the “4 M’s” and how effective communication and behavioural change are essential to a project’s long-term success. I will also be showcasing the other 34 JISC greening of ICT projects and, as always, will be promoting the use of the Suste-IT tool to monitor ICT related energy use.
Other Green ICT workshop hosts include Sam Fernandez from ANU and Ruth Oliver from Monsash University. Details of the event are included in the following link;
I will replicate this workshop a week later on Oct 4th at the University of Sydney. Minor details of the event have yet to be confirmed but if you are an ICT, Sustainable / Environmental, Energy or Estates manager concerned about your institutions ICT energy use, these are the workshops for you.
E mail me for more details on either of the events.

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