Saturday, 13 August 2011

Procurement Staff Survey

 I recently circulated an e mail to all FHE procurement staff inviting them to participate in a survey that I’d created on behalf of the Sustainable Procurement's Centre for Excellence (SPCE's) Green ICT advisory committee. The aim of this survey was to obtain direct feedback from FHE procurement staff regarding the purchasing of sustainable ICT equipment. Results from a previous ICT manager survey, carried out in November 2010 (and again in April 2011) indicated that there was a gap between what ICT managers knew about sustainability and what was being asked of them in their roles at FHE institutions (see blog from April 2011).

It is hoped that this survey will do the same for procurement managers and will also highlight procurement staff's interest in environmental issues while at the same time provide participants the opportunity to inform the committee of Green ICT procurement issues that otherwise may be overlooked. Of course I always like to offer a “carrot” at the end of every “stick” so automatically entered each participant of the survey into a draw to win a £100 gift certificate from an online retailer of their choice. With 25 procurement managers already having completed the survey, I think the “carrot” did the trick.
The survey remains open to all procurement managers until Friday 2nd of September, after which point the results will be collected and analysed and presented at the 2011 COUPE conference.

If you are a procurement manager and work in a FHE institution simply click on the following link to complete the survey;

It is hoped that the results of this survey will  provide useful information and data that will lead to an overall improvement in the efficiency of  FHE's green ICT procurement processes.

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