Thursday, 14 July 2011

Procurement Managers Only Survey

 I’m in the process of creating a survey  to be completed by procurement mangers only. The results of a similar ICT manager only survey carried out a few months ago indicated that ICT managers and procurement staff are often at odds regarding which pieces of equipment to purchase for their institution. ICT managers main concern is the ability of their equipment to deliver a reliable service to staff and students, while procurement staff’s main concern is the financial cost.   The survey indicated that ICT energy use is something they consider when requesting the purchase of such equipment but whether procurement managers also consider energy use, is for the most part, still unknown.
The survey also established the level of joined up thinking between the ICT depts.  and procurement depts. (as well as that between energy and environmental depts. too). While some ICT managers sit on a sustainable committee more do not. Of those that do, for many it’s part of their job requirement, for others it voluntary. The question then remains how do institution procure for ICT equipment effectively and efficiently if the various depts.  Have different agendas?   
This time we want to hear from procurement managers and their thoughts on the process for procuring for more sustainable ICT equipment.
What sustainable ICT considerations do they think are important and should be included as part of all procurement tools and what considerations can be omitted? How much knowledge do they posses on the subject of sustainability and do they know how to apply it to their roles as procurement managers. Does their institution offer training on the subject? Are they aware of the tools available to help them procure sustainably? Its is hoped that this survey will shed some light on the tricky process of procuring for ICT equipment.
If you have any questions or suggestion for questions to be included in this survey, please e mail the SUSTE-TECH project manager Nicola Hogan at

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